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About me


My name is Alison and I’m American (from Boston, with New Jersey, California, Arizona roots and 4 years spent living in Tunisia), but my husband is French and we have been living in Paris for the past 10 years. Cooking-wise, this has been a blessing, and often a headache. I can’t find a lot of ingredients for my favorite ‘American’ recipes and so I have worked hard to find good substitutes and always have a suitcase full of canned goods/spices/etc. when I come back from visiting the States.


But, I have also been inspired by the incredible products and recipes I am constantly finding here- seasonal produce at local markets, amazing cheeses, rich sauces.

I have always loved learning about new cultures and cooking has been my way of sharing my culture with others and of introducing lots of French recipes to my parents.


Through this blog, I hope to share recipes with you that-     

  •             Are very tasty without being too complicated or fussy

  •             I have tested and re-tested with the help of my very willing guinea pig(s)

  •             Add a little French flair to some American classics or make some French recipes more accessible

  •             Provide substitutions for ingredients that might be difficult to find

  •             Have a choice of measurements so you don’t need to constantly be looking up conversions

  •             Can be made without professional equipment or a huge kitchen (ever seen a typical Parisian kitchen?!)


Under the Food in France tab, I will include information about where to find certain ingredients in France and a list of restaurants and culinary spots we have particularly enjoyed in and around Paris as well as places we have visited across France. These are just my (our) personal experiences- I know all too well that everyone has their own tastes and preferences.

Feel free to comment or send me a message if you have any questions or suggestions!

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