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Avenue de Bréhat, 91140 Villebon-sur-Yvette


Costco, oh so popular in the U.S., opened its first location in France 3 years ago. Only members can shop there, although members are allowed to bring 1 non-member with them at a time. At 36 € per year, membership in France is less expensive than it is in the U.S. and you can even use your membership card at any Costco location worldwide (I’ve used it in the U.S.). 


You may be wondering if the selection is the same in France as it is in the U.S. Not exactly. The concept is the same and they still have a large selection of the Kirkland Signature products and other American items, but not everything. I go 2-3 times per year and stock up on paper towels and toilet paper and we love their selection of nuts, oils and cooking spray, spices, chocolates (the Coconut Almonds with Dark Chocolate are delicious) and drinks.


The prepared foods, meats and bakery items (good pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving) are also great for parties and I am told that you can find great deals for car parts and electronics. Plus, you can get one of their signature hotdogs or pizzas on your way out. Only downside is that you need a car to get there and need space for a lot of what they offer (wish we had a bigger freezer!) Definitely worth checking out! 

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