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I cook and bake with a fair amount of Pam – it’s what I’ve always used and I think it does a good job of keeping food from sticking to pots and pans. I know there are other good no-stick vegetable oil sprays out there so when I say Pam, feel free to use your favorite brand. 


No-stick cooking sprays are surprisingly not common here in France (maybe because it’s not very natural). There is one butter-based spray at the supermarket, but I am not a fan. I found this decent, not too expensive (4.90 €) no-stick cooking spray on the Meilleur du Chef website which works pretty well. Click here for the link


You can also by Original Pam (7.89 €) on the My American Market website


Otherwise, if you have a car, Costco also has their own 2-pack cooking spray that is pretty good as well. Here is more information about Costco in France.


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