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While pretty common in the US, Panko is not as well known in France. I use a lot of Panko in my cooking – I find the texture to be lighter and less grainy than the chapelure (breadcrumbs) we buy in the supermarket here in France. 


If you don’t have Panko, chapelure or homemade breadcrumbs can be used as a substitution, but I definitely prefer Panko for certain uses (my baked Panko-crusted salmon, for example). After years of stashing boxes (lightweight, but they take up space!) of Panko in my suitcase when returning from trips to the US, I was THRILLED to find that I could buy them for a reasonable price in France. For less than 8 Euros for the kilo, I’m happy! Plus, I’ve found a bunch of other great stuff on the Meilleur du Chef website:

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